Wrangling Content

Getting content together for a site can be a daunting task - https://gathercontent.com/home looks like a pretty cool tool to organize all the things

Triggering events on scroll

New toy (to us) to trigger events when you scroll to an element - http://imakewebthings.com/waypoints/ - nice!

Xdebug Chrome App

This is a great tool for accessing Xdebug info from Chrome - Xdebug Chome App

Google Resizer

Google resizer creates a nice non-technical way for users to understand responsive breakpoints. http://design.google.com/resizer/

Nice select implementation

Quick Select - great way to rethink a good user experience for the select element

Meteor 1.2 released

It keeps getting better - someday we'll find a good project to get our feet wet. http://info.meteor.com/blog/announcing-meteor-1.2

Exciting new spinner technology!

Here's a nice little library for adding spinners to your site without having to goof around a ton positioning and animating gifs. http://fgnass.github.io/spin.js/

Clear those .sh files from your build before submitting to iTunes

The apple app loader will complain about a code signing problem with a .itmsp file - but don't let that throw you. Check your build for any shell scripts with a #! - that will generate the code signing error. Excellent error messaging as always.

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