Magento 2 Free Shipping Except...

It's fairly easy to set up a free shipping promotional rule for carts that have more than X dollars in Magento 2. But what if you want certain bulky items to be excluded? I didn't find any examples online so click through for how we accomplished it for a client.

Importing Google Maps KML polygons into MySQL

We recently needed to import KML data that was generated from a Google Maps map into MySQL so that we can find which shipping zone a given address is in. Click through for how we did it.

Bulk importing WordPress users with custom fields

We recently needed to import about 150 users into a fresh WordPress site. We found a great plugin to do the import but there was a hurdle we had to overcome because our users have a custom meta field for the users' company. Click through to see how we got past the hurdle.

Some solid non-technical reasons we love Vue

"But finding that sweet spot when it’s engineered well enough and also solves business needs can be difficult. And somehow Vue helped me get there faster than anything else could."

A lot goes into building a website

A lot of skills and tools go into making a great website. We put together a little interactive guide to all of the moving parts.

Heuristic Evaluations: What and Why?

Our friends at Crux Collaborative have started a podcast - listen to their first episode. It's pretty great.

Keep people formost in mind when figuring out your UX puzzles

UX Principles - thanks Clockwork for some wize words. It's easy to get wound up in business rules and forget about the people interacting with the things we build. Check out UX Axioms

Sometimes a CMS is overkill

We build a lot of CMS websites - but sometimes you don't have the staff to maintain content or just don't need that level of flexibility. Going old school with a static site or a static generated site using a tool like Sculpin or Hexo makes sense.

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